We want to help everyone to be invested in the roof over their heads, especially renters who are burning money paying a private landlords mortgage.

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Stop paying someone elses mortgage and start saving today!

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Our plan is to offer affordable (from 0% deposit) alternative mortgages to everybody, with the ability to adjust or transfer your equity anytime!

For it to work we need tenants, people who want to live in houses and purchase small pieces of the property kind of like mortgage payments every month.

In addition we need investors who are willing to help cover the initial house purchase and in effect "back the mortgage", but there's a twist...

Investors have the option of investing in specific properties OR investing in the businesses entire mortgage portfolio, effectively buying out a stake in the business.

We plan to offer a safely backed investment scheme offering a gaurenteed minimum rate of interest, with the maximum being tied to the product portfolio's growth.

Think of it as a mini mortgage pie...

Have as big or small slice/stake/value/piece of the pie as you can afford each month, you can share with others, or not, your choice!

1: Person renting flat in towerblock

Chance to buy arrives

Person just wants to rent and doesn't want to buy the flat or have £50 000, goes to mortgages4all.co.uk for help...

Flexible Use, Leave When You Want

First a few automatic investigations...to see if you're being offered a fair price!

An agreement is reached

From each and every rental payment, for example £350, you'll immediately gain over £100 of value in the flat!

Maturing Gift

Another third of the rent is a depreciation bond, to help with the unforseen, potentially get it back 12months later!

Stop waiting.
Start building.

While we're building the service, we wanted to offer you the best advice immediately.

To this end we currently recommend seeking a "Tennants in Common" Mortgage agreement, offered by some providers like Barclays, or get one drawn up instantly using a service like RocketLawyer.co.uk, they even have a free trial. Follow this link for further info...

Co-ownership Guidance

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